June 01, 2018
Together We Can Make It!

s many of you will recall, there was an article posted a few months ago in February about the donation of chairs received by the St. Kizito library in Gulu, Uganda. The chairs were donated by a former St. Kizito student, Sharon Ocwee Opio. These chairs were very appreciated! The reason is that the St. Kizito library is a popular place to access textbooks as well as a place to find good books to read for pleasure. It welcomes, on average fifty to eighty students daily. Students come to read, study, research, and for discussions.

February 14, 2018
Together We Can Make It!

onderful news was received today from our St. Kizito Administrator, Chris, in Uganda. He shared that St. Kizito was the beneficiary of a much-needed donation of fifty chairs for the St. Kizito library.

First, let me begin by telling you a little about the St. Kizito library. It is a two-room library that St. Kizito students, as well as members of the nearby community, can use. Students are not permitted to take books home from school; rather they are collected at the end of each day. If a student wishes to study or read, he/she needs to visit the library. Students walk for miles to go to the library to read and study there. A St. Kizito board member, who visited Uganda this past summer, was struck at how quiet the library was – full of students and all were deeply engaged in their studies. He also noted that the library had no monitor to maintain the silence. The fifty chairs will be a welcome sight at the St. Kizito library – making trips to the library not only enjoyable but more comfortable too!