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The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many – Part 2 of 4
The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many – Part 2 of 4

The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many – Part 2 of 4

June 14, 2017 02:07pm

he following post was written by Sempa Don who serves the St. Kizito Foundation “on the ground” in Uganda

The St. Kizito Foundation reaches out to every person regardless of their situation. We believe in the oneness of the human family and we uphold those values that promote human dignity.

The image posted here is of myself along with Mr. Busulwa Sula (in the wheelchair) with his son and wife.  This academic year, Mr. Busulwa Sula applied for a tuition scholarship for his son, Busulwa Aahil Ken, (pictured in the red tee shirt).  I visited his home in Kyengera – a Kampala suburb - to assess his eligibility.  After a thorough assessment his son was enrolled onto our list of beneficiaries for the academic year 2017.  I feel blessed, together with all the St. Kizito family, to be able to play a part in bettering Aahil Ken’s life – and through him the lives of his family as well.  

I continue to cherish the mission and values of the Saint Kizito Foundation, as we continue to help children change their lives. Thank you to every benefactor and all the well-wishers of Saint Kizito family as we keep in solidarity, serving God’s Kingdom together!

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Together We Can Make It!

St. Kizito Foundation supports approximately 300 students in their education and life.  We have students at all levels of study, although our primary focus is to provide our participants with sufficient and appropriate education so that they may earn a living and have a successful life. 

Our students are in schools of their choice, based on school and government standards of acceptance.  Students are assisted by St. Kizito counselors and staff in determining the best placement.   

On these pages, we hope to give you a glimpse of the treasure we believe our participants to be.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer communication or words of wisdom that we can forward to Uganda!