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St. Kizito Foundation Provides Education That Helps Scholars
St. Kizito Foundation Provides Education That Helps Scholars

St. Kizito Foundation Provides Education That Helps Scholars

Uganda, Africa
February 15, 2017 06:12pm

ince the St. Kizito Foundation came into existence, it brings to mind a number of common memories. We have witnessed the crumbling of empires, springs of molecule, conquest of communities and emergencies yet the fabric of the organization has remained true, heightening our appreciation for its enduring character permeated with an increasingly vibrant presence.

As a generation of dedicated students can attest, learning has its own intrinsic joys and satisfaction. The mere fact of St. Kizito entering Uganda has changed the lives of many.  It has helped and continues to help children from the streets who were abandoned by their parents, some who have suffered from the consequences of civil war insurgences, others due to poverty and orphans who lost their parents to diseases and domestic violence.  They were all given hope through educational sponsorship opportunities at various school levels and now most of them are working as community change agents and in leadership positions throughout Uganda.

Those who worked toiled hard at their education and in doing so were given chances to join various institutions and universities.   After graduating, they secured steady employment. As an everlasting and positive impact to their families, they are now able to provide basic needs as well as break the viscous cycle of poverty and have a better future outlook. 

Graduates of St. Kizito gain a lot such as behavioral changes through psychosocial support and individual empowerment, through knowledge, through the support of good mentors, as well as through languages and technological advancement. These developments have nurtured and helped our scholars meet and face the day to day life challenges of their communities and the world at large.

Long live the St. Kizito Foundation and family; and long live the Founder and the dynamic team working every single day of the week to ensure the sustainability of the human family!

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St. Kizito Foundation, Uganda

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St. Kizito Foundation supports approximately 300 students in their education and life.  We have students at all levels of study, although our primary focus is to provide our participants with sufficient and appropriate education so that they may earn a living and have a successful life. 

Our students are in schools of their choice, based on school and government standards of acceptance.  Students are assisted by St. Kizito counselors and staff in determining the best placement.   

On these pages, we hope to give you a glimpse of the treasure we believe our participants to be.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer communication or words of wisdom that we can forward to Uganda!