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Lou Fodor - Winner of the St. Kizito Dinner with Fr. Don
Lou Fodor - Winner of the St. Kizito Dinner with Fr. Don

Lou Fodor - Winner of the St. Kizito Dinner with Fr. Don

Cleveland, Ohio
April 19, 2017 01:03pm

very fall the Saint Kizito Foundation invites its’ friends and benefactors to a fall fundraiser. Each fall a dinner with Fr. Donald Dunson is auctioned off – with the proceeds benefiting the Saint Kizito Foundation. This year (and last year too) the dinner was won by Lou Fodor.

It was my privilege to interview Mr. Fodor at his office, Fodor Companies located on Lorain Road in Cleveland a few blocks west of the West Side Market. Fodor Companies has been in business since 1916 and is involved with real estate development, rental, and travel. It has been in the same location since 1916.

Mr. Fodor has traveled the world since he was eleven years old.  He has seen Europe, India, Russia – and has even been to the North Pole!  He has a special love for the continent of Africa where he has been to every country in North Africa, South Africa, and West Africa (with the exception of Somolia). 

Mr. Fodor first came to Africa when he landed in Algeria while in the army.  He has been back many times since.  Africa is, as he pointed out, the largest continent with the longest river.  He finds Africa’s history fascinating – and is amazed by the diversity from country to country.  No countries in Africa are alike – in fact, starkly different from each other.  Africa also has the longest and oldest history - and offers many intriguing historical treasures which warrant our attention and preservation – such as those found in Egypt.

Mr. Fodor’s recommendation for enjoying travel to the maximum is to immerse oneself in the culture.  “It makes for a more enjoyable experience!”  As a world traveler, Mr. Fodor does attest to the fact that The United States of America is still the finest place in the world – offering the greatest way of life and opportunities for all especially those who are willing to work hard.

Mr. Fodor became a supporter of Saint Kizito Foundation due to his friendship and admiration of the Foundation’s founder, Fr. Donald Dunson.  He believes the work the Saint Kizito Foundation does is good work – and offers good things for the students it serves.

Thank you Lou Fodor for your generous support of the Saint Kizito Foundation!  Bon Appetit to you and your guests as you enjoy dinner with Fr. Don.

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